Itinerary Wakatobi Trip 16-20 May

WaKaToBi (=Wanci, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binoko)

This time we traveled on a group tour with Malik Kakaban tour ( as we need a group for the snorkeling/diving. And going solo could be expensive and getting to Wakatobi could be complicated.


Day 1:
Jkt-Makasar: 3 hour
Makasar-BauBau: 1 hour
BauBau city tour: Pantai Nirwana, Goa lakasa, Air terjun wantiro and sunset point
at night depart to Pulau Tomia using Kapal rakyat (17 hour on a very rough sea. We were really unlucky. Almost everyone on the ship got sea sick and threw up)

Day 2:
Arrive in Tomia island at 1pm
Off to Pulau Sawa for snorkeling

Day 3:
snorkeling & diving around Tomia.
was supposed to go to Pulau Ndaa but the sea was rough so we cancelled it

Day 4:
Visit the beach and Puncak Tomia
Sailed to Wanci at 2pm, arrive in wanci at 6pm (we had to transfer to small canoe run by the Bajo people due to low tide)
Transfer to Kapal rakyat (bigger than the first one we used) for BauBau, sailed at 9 pm

Day 5:
Arrive in BauBau at 7am (Sea was calm)
Visit Benteng Keraton before going to the airport
Landed in Jakarta at 5pm

How to get to Tomia Island:

Fly: Jakarta – Makasar – BauBau
To Tomia there are 2 options:
(1) via Kapal rakyat leaving at 9 pm, sailing 12-16 hour depend on the sea condition
(2) Fly with Express Air from BauBau to Wanci (IDR 800K/way, flight only available on certain day leaving at 10/11am) and boat from wanci to Tomia (3-4 hour)

Or if you have cash to splurge then stay at Wakatobi Dive Resort ( They have a private plane which can take you straight to the resort 😀


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  1. Andha Riesta

    Mw mnt info harga n trip wakatobi selama 4hr buat bln agustus 2015 … terima kasih..

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