Shopping in Bandung

Bandung has many FOs, little boutiques and Distro. But unless you plan to stay for 1 week and bringing no kids you will need to narrow down your options like what I did during my recent visit to Bandung.

Places I went to and recommend:

1. Anak Kecil in Jl Cimandiri —> FO for kids. This is a must go FO for parents. The price has went even higher than my last visit but then the varieties are there. So I ended up splurging. There is an indoor little playground, very convinient. Fabio can play there while I look at the clothes.

2. Cargo in Jl Diponegoro —> very near from Anak Kecil, so may as well go here. Adi loves this place. They have good stock of male clothes. I got my espirit 7/8 pants here.

3. Rumah Mode Jl Setiabudi —> no need to say more. This is a one stop shopping. I notice however that the price has also went steeper and they now stock more their in-house brand rather than the branded items.  Their in-house brand, minimal has a good quality. I bought 2 T shirts and they’re comfortable and has good cutting. Lingerie selection is pretty good. They also have good variety for kids clothing, second after Anak Kecil 🙂

4. EST Boutique in Jl Sumatra —> This is not FO but a very good boutique. I love their dresses. They also have cute bags. There is MarcbyMarcJacobs bag which I like. I almost grabbed it if I didn’t r.emind my self that I already have 3 red bags!

5. Distro Gee Eight in Jl Progo —> Cute ABG style cothes, mostly cotton and stretchy.

6. Black Market —> They carry in-house brand. I am not sure whether it is a boutique or FO. I got 2 tops, in house brand which is really nice. Is exensive compare to FO but cheaper than Zara or Mango

7. The Secret in jl Riau —> One stop shopping like Rumah Mode. I like this place as they have everything like rumah mode and also a good kid section. I got Bio zara sweater here and Adi bought some stuff. He likes this place


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