di Bandung nih….

Akhirnya kesampaian juga weekend ke Bandung. Sengaja pergi the week before the long weekend biar Bandung sepi. Kebayang deh next week riwehnya seperti apa di FO2 itu…

But…one thing I learned is despite this weekend is so ordinary, all the good value hotels have been fully booked by friday. My mistake leaving it in a last minute cause thinking not many people would go to Bnadung this week when there is along weekend next week.

We wanted to stay at the Valley initially. But when I called and asked for the price. It was 792K net. Ugh….mcuh more pricey then the price I paid when last year I booked via panorama. I think it only cost me 550K last year. So I crossed The valley from the list- not worthed it if we plan on going from FO to FO. So I checked my old time family favourite; Royal Dago…obviously booked.
Also tried: Setiabudi Residence (650K), Bumi Asih Hotel near Gedung Sate (always wanted to stay there but never got round it. I am mesmerized with the old style building), the new Sany Rosa Hotel (will try this one next time. Heard it was good value), Grand Serella (550K) – New hotel; walking distance to Heritage and Summit in Jalan Riau.
I finally got a room in Grand Setiabudi apartment, near Rumah Mode for 530K. Apparently Citibank has a promotion. The normal price is around 570K. If we didn’t get this my next list would be Aston apartment & Hotel near Braga City and Majesty Apartment.

We left home at half past 9 – later than planned. Arrived in Bandung city around 12. Seperti biasa nyasar2 dulu mau ke Rumah Mode….heran, kita berdua pelupa banget 😦
Sampai Rumah Mode, langsung kalap (well at least I did… Adi ngejagain Bio). Selesai2 almost 3 pm and Adi was so annoyed cause he has not done his shopping 😦 Fabio senneg banget ngeliatin ikan mas yang gede2 di kolam sekitar Rumah Mode.
Grand Setiabudi apartment ini lumayan deket dari Rumah Mode… bisa jalan. Jadi mungkin besok kita balik lagi hehehe….
Kamarnya besar…. bigger than normal Hotel. Ada pantrynya dan TV cable. Kamar mandi kecil pakai shower tapi showernya handheld jadi no problem, bisa mandiin Fabio. I hate showers yg nempel….susah kalau mau mandiin anak kecil.
Ada swimming pool di lantai bawah…. will checked it out tomorrow.

Sore kita jalan lagi…planningnya ke FO Anak kecil…. eh malah muter2 dan malah ketemu FO Cargo yg terakhir kita ke Bandung malah gak ketemu2. Stuck lama di Cargo… barangnya ternyata bagus2!!!! Cuma seremnya ada lantai duanya dan Bio seneng bgt bolak balik naik tangga…arghhhh…… Sempet tantrum pas disuruh udahan.
Pas akhirnya ketemu FO Anak kecil ternyata udah closed…damn…padahal masih half pas 7 😦
Seperti biasa… mau pulang ke Hotel kita bingung nyari jalan nya…hahahha typical….kita ber2 emang gak pinter2…. bener2 musti beli peta kota Bandung nihhhh……

To be continued part II: besok yaaaaaa…. πŸ™‚


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